Martys Garden is located at North Haven N.S.W

Sustainable Artisan Compost, Seedlings and More! 

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Marty's Garden Artisan Compost & Seedlings

Marty's Garden can be found at North Haven on the Mid North Coast in N.S.W Australia.

Marty makes his famous local artisan compost onsite and also stocks home grown in season seedlings.

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To book a time to see the garden or purchase call Marty.

Mobile: 0406 101 546.


Supporting Sustainable Change

Compost made onsite is made from locally sourced materials from Cafes, Saw Mills and Local farmers. 

All materials are blended over a period of time, to not only become an amazing organic blend, but bio rich as well. 

Also each blend has rich bio rock trace minerals added, so your plants have everything they need to survive and fight off pests and disease.

North Haven NSW edible flowers and herbs at Marty's Garden

Customers Just Keep Coming Back

Marty's Garden truly has been blessed with so much support. Customers flock back for the friendly service and superior products. 

Customer: Jane: "I ran a test side by side with some store bought compost vrs Marty's artisan compost and the results where amazing, better growth, colour taste and it even got less pest attack. Thanks Marty." 


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