Worm Farming

Your Guide to Starting a Successful Worm Farm at Home

Author: Australian Horticulturist, Marty Ware

This ebook really is a one of a kind.  The content inside really is timeless. All the methods found inside have been trialed and tested for over two decades.

Testimony:  Jason Downs: If you really want to get worm farming right from the start, then I couldn’t recommend a better resource. Helped me change the way I grow food.  All my plants are more healthy, taste better and I don’t have to buy fertilizer anymore.  Thanks Marty

Testimony: Andrew Johns:  I had a worm farm and new the benefits it could provide, but my worm were dying.  Wow, was I surprised when I found it was just the water I was using, saved me big time. My worms are breeding like crazy now and I give them away to my friends, who also have gardens.

Testimony:  Jane Macintyre:  Good read from beginning to end.  My son is now reading it and using the material found in the Ebook to start his own worm farm business.


  Worms You Can Use
  Benefits Of Worm Farming
  Worm Farm Design
  Small And Large Scale Worm Farms
  Food And Feeding
  How The Worm Population Is Controlled
  Worm Farming Issues
  Other Things You Can Do With Compost
  Starting A Worm Farm Business
  How To Be Successful With Your Worm Farm

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Happy Gardening

Marty Ware