Join The Path of Dreams to A Sustainable Eco Farm Stay

All I can say is “AWESOME” because I can’t find another word to take its place. Since making a decision in faith that I am going to chase my dream no matter long it takes, the community has been overwhelming to say the least.

I plan to unfold behind the scenes in my posts and videos, the steps of how I plan to make this amazing dream come to fruition, I know it will take a long time, but I want to enjoy the journey and not be in a rush to get there.

Photo:  Karin feeding a very friendly goat!


Today I was posting a comment under a youtube video and it got me thinking. I need to share more about what the final destination is,,because I really believe with all my heart that the community will be my guiding light to help Karin and me to get there.

Picture this, a three bedroom house set on an acre block, that provides a farm stay experience. There would also be a large shed that converts into a space to run workshops and host small events.
I could even run these events and workshops live for the world to see and directly from my channel.

The farm would be based on permaculture/ organic/ biodynamic practices and lets no forget my vertical micro farm systems that all run off grid, because that plays a huge role.

This style of vertical farming works on a large or small scale and is perfect for the small space gardener or someone who want to set up a backyard farm with very little costs.

The whole system has been trialed over a period of 5 years now and just keeps getting better every year. I know that with a collective mindset in the community, it can be improved on all the time.


Chickens would also play a massive role and live in a permaculture coop that not only feeds them, but produces a composted fertilizer that is nothing short of amazing. Oh, and lots of fresh eggs too!
Let me briefly explain
The chickens have an earth floor covered in a very deep fluffy mulch, such as sugar cane or straw. As they lay droppings the earthworms and a wide array of insects will slowly increase over time. Earthworms love fresh compost and chicken manure!
Then the chickens scratch and turn it over finding fresh food and turn it into a super friable nutrient rich compost. Much of this will then go out onto the farm as compost and into worm farms to make casting and worm teas.

Spent greens and fodder grown for the chickens will be thrown straight into the pen,,this fodder will contain many trace elements (minerals) that will be eaten by the chickens.
This will then be turned into chicken manure and locked into the system. Guess what we end up with, a super nutrient dense compost and worm castings that just keeps on getting better.
This recycled loop system not only improves the soil, but will be the building block to soil life, keeping pests at bay, nutrient dense plant life and everything surrounded by it will benefit,,even the wildlife.
Oh, yer and the food will taste amazing! I know, because I have eaten it,,,man oh man oh man is it good.

I am sure many will want to come and stay,,enjoy the farm and have an unforgettable educational experience

So, what’s in it for you?

As my daughter Karin and I take on this adventurous dream I plan to share many of my tips that I have already tried and put into practice over the years via video and in these post.
It will be a mixture of education, story, sharing and community. I plan to just write in here from my heart and put it all down just like I would if I was talking to your personally through conversation.
This will be for everyone from the market gardener (micro farmer) to the very beginner wanting to grow a few microgreens, fruits to trees to herbs and Tomato vines.
I also plan to share and discuss your interactions via video and posts as a collective community, as I know we all have a world of knowledge to share.