Micro Farm & Small Space Gardening Education Centre Lets Make it Happen

Wow,,I must say I am so “STOKED” and excited to see that you guys are getting my posts..so cool.
Things are really starting to step up here at Martys Garden, as I have had my head in the books working on a plan and how to get there.
You see it’s all about my WHY!  

Why do I do what I do, where do I want this to take me and most importantly how can I help others on a much deeper level?
(I recently started blogging again on my website as I knew that I needed to start documenting my journey outside of video. So most of the content regarding this content can be found there.)

THE SCARY PART: while doing this I realised that I had given up on my dream and it’s final destination.
The dream is to run an education centre/ micro farm as a business and help many others achieve their dreams too.

You see this is very hard to say,,,my excuse all the time were..I am tired of doing this all by myself.
That’s the truth,,,I have a serious illness (torticollis) which is now under control, I am still in pain everyday.
But, should that stop me from my dream,,now way!

I also, have more why behind wanting to achieve this goal,,my daughter and the responsibility I have for her.
We need to get out of the rent syndrome,,I spend over $300 a week on rent. That money should be going to much better use, right? Like this idea.


I know now that I do not have to do this alone. I 100% believe and have faith in collective community and as a group can truly make this happen. I have accepted that I need help, to bring it to life.


A block of land,,approximately 1 acre set up as a micro farm retreat education centre. Teaching to the public a wide array of material from the backyard gardener to the budding micro farmer who needs a leg up.
People could stay there in accommodation and just lap it up.

With today’s technology there could easily be live events and classes that reach around.
This means that people outside of Australia who want to get involved can in an educational sense and for business.

Live workshops,,now that would be amazing!

This truly is just the beginning and for those who would like to be involved I am all ears. I really look forward to what you have to say..
Let’s band together and fly under the new banner of :Education, Sharing & Inspiring” and make this happen!

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Love you all

Marty Ware


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