Martys Garden Sets Out to Educate Share & Inspire

Recently I have been digging deep into my “WHY” and final destination for what I do online.

I invite you on my Journey within this article behind Martys Garden, so you can see what drives me.

It’s possibly not what you would of thought.

Image:  Just like a quality compost, the journey takes time and it just keeps getting better with every turn.

The question of why, has been a difficult one recently, because I had a lot of good excuses to stop me from my journey in life and my dreams.

I mentioned in my last post about my goal in youtube, at the start it was to teach as many people as I could about growing fresh food and change lives, through my videos and blog posts.

I have now achieved that goal,,as I have reached over 4 million people in YouTube and another 6 million through web content outside of video.

But now,,things have changed.  I view life in a different manner and see that I have a lot more to offer, than just teach how to grow fresh food at home.

I realise the I need to share my dream of why I do what I do now,,and that is TO EDUCATE, SHARE & INSPIRE through the vehicle of growing fresh food at home, which is the integral engine.

Let me give you an example of a video format using my integral engine.  The content below is the inspiration for an up and coming video.

TO EDUCATE:  Recently I created a video on my channel about Minerals and Epsom Salts in the garden

The video went over how the main mineral component in Epsom Salts are magnesium and sulphate and how  in my eyes it’s better to use all the minerals in the garden that are available to you, than just two.  I recommended in the video that viewers should consider using a wide array of minerals found in Rock dust for optimum plant health and growth.

Rock dust can contain up to 90 different minerals that support plant and soil health,,,where Epsom salts only contains two.

Anyway, the video takes it much further, but I think you get my drift.  That is the content education section

In an up and coming video I am going to use the concept below to create content about using minerals as foliar spray, and share the written comment below in my video within the share section.

TO SHARE: After the viewers had watched the video mentioned above many left some wonderful comments.  Woody from Woodys Home brew and allotment gardening channel mentioned how he used Epsom salts as a liquid fertilizer to spray the leaves on his plants.  It was a great comment, because Epsom salts is highly soluble and can be easily mixed and applied.

However, about 30 minutes later I received another comment, which took the comment thread to a whole new level.  You can read the comment below.

COMMENT AUTHOR: Michael Wellner

Hi Marty, Great advice on adding the rockdust to the compost. I have used it sprinkled on top of garden soils prior to planting much like Blood-n-bone this is best put on as the cooler weather approaches – there is a time delay affect and should be organically incorporated into the upper soil profile readily available for spring growth.
Epsom salts used in a watercan dilution becomes immediately available to the plants on application – half the dosage if the weather is warmer always saturate the soil prior to application thus avoiding rootburn, especially if used on seedlings. I usually add Iron sulfate to solution at the sametime, the magnesium ions grabs the iron(ions) transporting to the foilage –
the iron is deficient during the colder months as soil temp and moisture is decreasing. The lower soil moisture at low temp changes the soil pH and ion concentrate solution within the soil reverses the osmotic potential within the roots, which now need more reserves of sugar in which to pump the nutrients up to the leaves a vicious negative cycle which means the plant struggles through winter –
there is less hours of light to produce the sugar needed & less iron for chlorophyll so magnesium helps mostly to awaken the plant when it wants to go dormant.?

Now, that is a BOMB comment and worth sharing in my next up and coming video, as it not only is valuable content, but it shows that I am listening to my subscribers and those who are watching my videos.

So, that would now cover the Educate & Share elements, but what about inspire.

TO INSPIRE is so valuable in my eyes, as it inspires the action to take place.  So many watch a video about gardening a certain way, but do they actually take action?

Possibly in most cases no,,,the idea sounds great, but most just move onto the next cool idea.

What if I was to inspire them to take action and explain the benefits they would receive by taking action.  Now that would make valuable change.

Then in a short while after taking the action they would see and benefit from the results applied.   Hopefully in time the action becomes habitual and plays a part of the overall strategy for a successful garden.


To conclude:  I am not really a writer, as I do have a form of dyslexia which makes it quite difficult to get all the right words down onto paper, so to speak.

However, I feel that if I write, as I would speak, then I believe I can get the message across that I want to say.  I have a lot of plans for the future of Martys Garden and the engine entegral that EDUCATES, SHARES & INSPIRES.

This engine will be a part of all the content I create from now on, and has brought me a new spark in life.

My final destination is to soon own some land where I can run my show from, open up another micro farm on the same block and leave a legacy behind for others to follow.  And most of all provide some stability for my daughter Karin.

I plan to blog about this very soon, as I feel by creating this type of content drives me to get to where I want to go.

See you next week, as I will be spending time with my mother of 79 years of age and my daughter this weekend. Keep an eye out for my next video coming out this weekend called Educate, Share & Inspire.

See You soon

Marty Ware

2 thoughts on “Martys Garden Sets Out to Educate Share & Inspire

  1. You have the knowledge, skills and know-how to successfully undertake all of these objectives, Marty. You have the drive, persistence and passion to bring these dreams of helping others to fruition. Remember, though, to let go of the results. These lie with those who receive your gifts. It is up to them to take the presents you bring to them. And, of course, they will be acting wisely to do so. I’m sure you will do well.

    Your Dad.

    • Thanks Dad,,that’s great advice.
      Time to keep working on the dream to make it come alive!
      Lots of love your son

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