Martys Garden Set to Shoot Micro Farming Documentary in Australia

Awesome News For Martys Garden, Subscribers and all that love to grow food.

First, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post,,I truly do appreciate it, it truly does help me get to where I want to go, being the final destination of my dream micro farm/ education centre.

Anyway, here is the news. I spoke with Pepe from 5 sixty farms yesterday I am taking an 8 hour drive up to where he has his farm and shooting a series on micro farming/market gardening for my channel.
I am also filming a short documentary as well while I am there about what it’s like to be a micro farmer in this day and age how to start up yourself.

The whole family is going up, including, me Karin, Bobby the Cockatiel and Samsung Karin’s new pet Praying Mantis. The other one Lewis, passed of old age last week.
I plan to film and documentary from behind the scenes, so you will really get to see what it’s truly like to run such a business.
Pepe is a great guy and has a huge family, so it’s gonna be crazy!

We haven’t yet set a date to shoot the production,,but I would say in the next month for sure.
I am so excited,,I truly am, as it is something that I am super passionate about.

Anyways,,this is a quick update for you all that read my posts here. I am yet to mention this on my channel.
Lots of love to you all

Marty Ware

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