Have We Killed Our Soils By Killing Our Worms

I do wonder if the world of composting worms and business will grow over time as people become more and more aware of just how valuable they are to our world.

Many of us know the benefits of Bees, but do worms get less noticed because they are not as cute, and usually hidden away.

I would say the answer is yes,,worms off all types have really had it tough over the years since the industrial revolution. We tilled up their soils, threw non biodegradable rubbish on top and leached toxins into the sub soils.


The “SOLUTION” to Help The Worms

There is Solution, and nearly all of us around the world can help to make a change one day at a time.

This can be done by improving the soils where they live and in return we as people will be greatly rewarded.

Worms are a part of the soil web and not only plough through the soil, but break down many of the elements in the humus layer.  As compost worms eat and consume the humus, soil and decaying organic matter they produce a casting,,worm poop.  Worm casting are water soluble and also contain many beneficial microbes which help the soil health and this is where we can play a huge role.

How can we do this?  It’s fairly simple really.  We need to stop adding chemical fertilizers to the soil and starting adding compost.

Compost improves soil structure, and as soil structure repairs itself so does the soil web. Also, by composting we are helping by slowing up waste going into landfill.  Landfill produces methane “greenhouse gas”  is actually well above cows for the amount it puts into the atmosphere.


The other way is to support local worm farmers and those who produce organic compost blends.  Many of us don’t have the time to compost, or start a worm farm, but we still want to use it in the garden.

If that’s you then I would recommend you can consider taking that option and search for a local worm farmer online.

To be honest, I have never met a worm farmer yet that I didn’t  like.

My Worm Farm Ebook

If you are considering taking the leap into worm farming you may want to consider taking a look at my Ebook,,,it has everything for the backyarder, right through to those who maybe considering taking it on a professional level.





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