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Container Mixes
1:   I highly recommend that you avoid the cheap container mixes, because they are mostly just wood chips and sawdust.

These cheap mixes drain really badly and lack the nutrients for plants to stay healthy and productive.
Basically, you will probably give up and wondering what your doing wrong.  When the truth is, it’s not really your fault.

Micronutrients, Minerals & Rock Dust.

Minerals added to the premium mixes helps build up the vitality of the plant, by strengthening the cell wall.

Healthy cell walls of the plant allow for optimum sap flow and also provides more resistance to fight off disease and pests.

Premium mixes also have a balanced ph and this allows the plants to take up the nutrients efficiently.  If the ph is out of balance then the nutrients become locked up in the soil and become less available for the plant.

Best Containers For Gardens
When gardening there are a few major factors to consider and one of them is airflow.

That is why garden pouches work so well, they allow maximum airflow to the root system.

If you can find grow bags with handles and are well made, I highly recommend them.

Avoid the cheap reproductions, as they are generally flimsy and tear easily.  You want a garden grow bag to stand nice and tall and not fall over easily.

Recycled Garden Containers –  I love to do this as it’s such a cheap way to grow food.  However, because these containers haven’t been designed to grow plants they need to be modified to get the best results.

  1. Make sure there is enough drainage holes in the bottom for water to flow out of.
  2. Add a few holes to the side to allow oxygen to flow to the rootzone, just and handful of pin holes is enough.  This way the roots will get airflow and the soil won’t fall through.
  3. The recycled container will also need a nice flat bottom so it does not fall over easily.
  4. Consider covering your container with packaging tape if it’s clear plastic.  This will stop the container from algae growth and keep light away from the plant rootzone.


I like to use a fertilizer that contains all the elements explained up above in the video.  When purchasing a complete fertilizer you save money, as you don’t have to go out and buy a mixture of everything.   Doing that will rip into your bank account big time.

If you use a premium potting mix you won’t need to add any fertilizer at all until the plants have been in the container for about 3 months.  After about 3 months a lot of the fertilizer in the container has been used up.

Just follow the instructions on the packet to get the best results when topping up.

Microgreens trays

The tray above is my all time favourite for growing microgreens and the reason being? These trays and designed to raise seedlings.

Guess what?  Microgreens are seedlings, so it makes sense right?

A Lot of times I have picked up these trays for free at nurseries, or paid around two dollars for one.

One tray can last for years.  You can grow your microgreens in the premium potting mix as well.

TIP FOR MICROGREENS MIX:  Buy a small block of Coco Peat and mix it 50-50 with your potting mix to save money.

All seedlings have their very own food storage contained in the seed, so it only needs to search for food once the root appears.  So, it’s a waste of money to use all your premium mix for growing microgreens.

Once you harvest your microgreens you can recycle the mix and use it again.  I like to throw mine into my worm farm, and use it again,,over and over.  The worms turn it all into lovely castings!

I will have more content about microgreens coming up in time,,as I love them.  Why?   Because you can produce some of the tastiest, nutrient dense food on the planet and it has so many uses.

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