Can Urban Farming Get Even Smaller by Going Micro?

Good title, yes?
It really is a great question,,because I truly believe it can be done in Australia and around the globe.
Especially in a ever growing populated world,,,we need to grow local, be sustainable and supply new jobs in this developing industry.

Image:  My first vertical growhouse in Byron Bay Australia


However, it does mean that you would have to value add, to a high end product that you grow. The other option would be sells lots of volume of a product grown on site that many people want.
I believe that if you could create a homestead style recipe from a crop that is grown on site, is the key!
Then sell it yourself at a local market or supply a restaurant with it.

Lately in Australia craft brewed businesses have been rising up everywhere, and they are making the big bucks.
Many of these craft beers started in a backyard too!

Those who have been following me or know me personally know that I actually owned and managed a micro farm before in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
It was very successful, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to close the farm and move south to the mid north coast.
So, I am very familiar with this style of farming.


I have made the decision to not hold back and step out in faith, believing that I can do it again,,and even better than before.
It also is one step more towards my dream in the process to buying, building and starting an educational micro farm.

I plan to make my very own organic fertilizer and compost on site and turn this into my very first range of products before I start growing crops.
As it is a micro set up, I will need to turn everything I touch into profit, so I can leverage my extremely small space.

Stay Tuned for more, as the story unfolds,,as there is plenty more to do, say and teach.

Happy gardening/ micro urban farming Australia
Marty Ware

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