Can a Simple Compost drop off be a Start to my Dream Farm?


It sure can, and it all starts with an action to get it rolling!

I just had 2 squares metres of woodchip and leaf mold dropped in my backyard with quarter of a metre of Mushroom compost added to help heat it up and break it down. I am also adding local coffee grounds to it daily around 15 litres.
This is going to sold as my first micro farm product as a finished compost.
I plan to also add worm castings and rock dust, so it contains many of the vital elements for healthy growth, and pest resistance.
Costs me $116 dollars delivered,,,big money saver doing it this way!

I am not sure how much product I can sell yet,, still have to crunch numbers, but it’s a start.

A week or so ago I said I was going to share the start up of my dream “ECO EDUCATION FARM” here via text, video and in my blog, so here I am writing another post at 7.20am on a cold winter’s morning.

This will be my third micro farm, and hopefully my last on rented space.
Currently I have been studying how not to get side tracked and keep reaching my goals, and it’s a real eye opener as I know that well you truly desire something mindset is everything.

Yesterday I created a post on my Facebook profile. I actually write this just for me,keeps me on point and focused. To be honest, I actually write these posts here for the very same reason, and if it is able to inspire others then that’s even better, because it can help others believe that they can truly have what they set out to do or achieve.
Staying focused on creating a dream into reality is hard work, right? But, so worth it.

FACEBOOK POST 30 June 2018

Clarity, Focus, Gratitude and a Map to the Destination.

Here is a map I am creating for myself, so I stay focused and get to my dream home/ micro farm education centre.
Maybe it can help you too?

Step 1: being truly clear on what you want.
Step 2: Mapping out a route that takes you to that destination.
Step 3 Entwining it with consistent and humble prayer
Step 4: Being grateful in all things
Step 5: Not getting off the path when the climb becomes steep, windy or difficult.
Step 6: Believin in the vision and start living, as though it’s already been achieved and happening now
Step 7: Keep working on improving all of the above steps with clear positive intention.

It has taken a few months to draw out this map of clear intention for me,,and I know that consistent prayer has led me here so far.
I am truly grateful to be on this amazing journey and plan to enjoy every step on the way, but enough about me. How about you?
Do you have a dream?,Maybe it seems impossible as there are too many boundaries?
Have you prayed about it with our father in heaven Jesus? Because with the Lord by your side and faith, all things are possible.
I look forward to what your thoughts are below.
God Bless you all
Marty Ware

My thoughts on that post above. By writing this down it sets deep into my subconscious mind and the body starts working on how to make this possible.
But you do need to work on a clear map and exactly what you want. For me the final destination is a home for me and my daughter Karin with the micro education eco centre attached to it.


If your not sure about how this works check out a few videos by Dr Joe Dispenza in youtube, this amazing man measureS the results and helps countless people everyday achieve their dreams. He also has an amazing story about how he healed himself, when he was told he will 100% never walk again.


I would truly love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts and if you too have a dream!
If you do, I really hope you start with the simple step of just writing it down. You just never know where it may lead.

Lots of Love to You All
Marty Ware


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